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CREATION Day 2: The Great Divide

Creation Day 2: The Great Divide
Reflection on Theology in Art
by Katrina Ross
A line appeared and it became the horizon -- where the sea touched the sky.
People who have had mystical experiences often report having seen that everything in the universe is connected in unity or oneness. [1] What we think of as distinct entities like you and me are actually just forms of the ultimate reality that is sometimes called "God". Mystics say there is no distinction between the elements of creation and the elements of the self, and so we are never not the whole.
According to Buddhism, one of our primary causes of spiritual suffering as humans is that we mistakenly grasp onto the illusion of the "separate self". We falsely despair that we are not part of oneness-- and that in death we will be separated from existence. Meditation practice reveals for some people that what we think of as separate things are just features of the whole, and the individual physical body never leaves t…

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